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About me

Alex C.


Welcome to my website,


My name is Alex, I was born 17 november 1976 and live in Belgium. I started photographing birds back in 2010. From 2010 untill 2014  I have been using Sony. At a certain time I wanted to go full frame and this made me switch to Canon. I chose the 6D over the Sony A99 because of the better high ISO performance and the lower price tag. Most of my pictures you will see are shot with Sony but I'm adding more and more pictures lately shot with Canon. I used a Canon 100D for a while to have more reach. I was happy wih the IQ but the body was too small for me. So I bought me a 760D instead and I like the results I'm getting.


My pictures are for sale. If you are interested in buying, just fill out the contact form and I'll get back to you.


My gear I have been using:



Sony A550, A77, A77II

Canon 6D / 100D / 760D



500mm Reflex

Minolta 400/4.5

Tamron 200-500mm

Tamron 150-600mm

Sigma 150-600 S


Alex C.

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